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EatFit Patient Programmes

EatFit for IBS

This programme is for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other gut disorders of a functional nature

This programme is based on a step wise approach to initially explore and assess the clients present eating habits. Secondly to ensure basic eating patterns and choices are in line with healthy eating principals before moving onto the low FODMAP elimination and re-challenge diet.

The dietitian and the client work together to explore their individual response, offering advice on how to exclude and then challenge with high FODMAP foods, supporting the client throughout the different phases. The programme includes meal plans, recipes, dietetic support and up-to-date research based resources. The programme can take anything from 4 weeks to 18 weeks to complete depending on individual response.


EatFit for Gut Health

This programme has been designed for those wishing to improve their gut health by manipulating their diet to improve their gut microbiome.

Research has shown that gastrointestinal health and the microbiome is intricately linked with overall health and it is important to nurture your gut microbiome. This programme will provide guidance on what to eat but also how to eat better. Topics covered include; balancing your meals, plant power, fibre manipulation, prebiotics and probiotics.

The clients diet will be assessed and changes will be recommended in order to promote better gut health in line with individual needs.


All our EatFit programmes are run as individual consultations or in a small groups. They incorporate behavioural change techniques to help patients make changes seamlessly.

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