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Erica Jankovich – EatFit Training Director
RD(SA), BSc (Diet.), Dip Hosp.Diet(SA), Dipl. Adv. Diet. (UK)

Erica is responsible for training programme organisation and evaluation.

Erica is a state registered dietitian qualified in South Africa with experience both locally and in the UK. She has worked in clinical, hospital and corporate settings. She is passionate of the science of nutrition and the use of food to heal the gut.

Erica’s experience spans more than 20 years and ranges from the clinical hospital setting to the private consulting patient, to the corporate environment and finally to the world of media and writing. She ran a successful private practice from central London for many years working with some of London’s top gastrointestinal consultants. She has collaborated in a successful IBS cook book: Healthy eating for IBS. During her time in UK, Erica became involved in various associations and projects linked with her interest in Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Diseases and her commitment to dietetics.

She has completed further study in advanced dietetics (BDA), she has trained at Kings College London, UK (Low FODMAP Diet) and has been involved in clinical research and writing in the field of gastrointestinal nutrition.

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Find an EatFit Trained Dietitian

EatFit holds a list of dietitians it has trained all over South Africa and a few abroad in IBS and the low FODMAP diet and also in Gut Health and the Microbiome.

Please get in touch here and explaining what you are looking for and what area you live in and we will get back to you with some options.

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