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WELCOME TO COURSES FOR REGISTERED DIETITIANS – Learn IBS Treatment to assist your clients.



Course Start Date: 5 August 2019

    • Module 1: 5 August – 18 August 2019
    • Module 2: 26 August – 8 September 2019
    • Module 3: 16 September – 27 September 2019

    As this course is online, you can do this course in your own time at whatever time suits you (within the date deadlines specified above). There is no specific time of day to access the course content.


    Registration closes 29 July 2019. Please complete this registration form should you wish to take part in the course.

    Payment Information

        • Full payment upfront is required
        • After registration you will receive an invoice with payment details
        • Payment is required within 1 week of receiving the invoice
        • The course organisers reserve the right to refuse a registered participant to join the course if there has not been full payment within the required timeframe.
        • For any enquiries please contact, 021 2011125


    This online course aims to consolidate and advance dietetic practice in the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), including the use of the Low FODMAP Diet. This includes a comprehensive review of the evidence and international guidelines for first line dietary management and the low FODMAP diet (in IBS and other conditions) and interventions beyond diet. Dietitians will be taught how to use a step-wise approach to the dietetic management of IBS and gain the practical ‘know how’ of the low FODMAP diet. Detailed guidance on using the low FODMAP diet with patients will be covered. The course lecturers have been trained by King’s College, London and the course will provide a strong evidence based foundation in managing IBS patients.

    The online course consists of 3 modules and participants will need to complete each module and associated coursework before commencing the next module. Coursework includes case studies, journal articles and practical exercises. The course content is equivalent to a 2 day course but you will have 6 weeks (2 weeks per module) to complete the course. The course will provide 30 CEU points (1 ethics).

    Included in the course cost is 1 year free membership to the EatFit Network allowing them to run the EatFit for IBS Programme in their practice using the EatFit resources (worth R1500 a year). The network benefits also include a WhatsApp chat group and eligibility to join additional EatFit CPD events at a reduced membership rate.

    Module 1 – The Diagnosis and First line management of IBS

    • Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
    • Symptom and clinical assessment of IBS
    • Medical management of IBS
    • First line dietary advice of IBS

    Module 2 – The Low FODMAP Diet and Beyond

      • The history and efficacy of the Low FODMAP Diet in IBS management
      • The risks and applications of the Low FODMAP Diet
      • Usage of the Low FODMAP Diet in other populations & conditions
      • Beyond dietary management – psychosocial interventions
      • Ethics and IBS management

      Module 3 – Practical Implementation of the EatFit for IBS Programme

        • First Line Dietary treatment for IBS
        • The Elimination phase of Low FODMAP Diet
        • The Challenge phase of Low FODMAP Diet
        • Managing non responders
        • Referral pathways


            • R3000
            • Upon registration you will receive an invoice with payment details.
            • Full payment upfront is required
            • Includes 30 CEU points (1 ethics) and 1 year free membership to the EatFit Network

        Benefits of Joining the EatFit Network

            1. Access to purchase and usage of printed EatFit patient resources.
            2. Join a network of likeminded dietitians that can provide support and advice via a WhatsApp Group.
            3. Get listed on the EatFit website to help IBS patients to find you.
            4. Membership reduced rate on other EatFit CPD Programmes.
            5. Best practice guidance on the management of IBS patients.
            6. Reassurance that you have the latest information related to the Low FODMAP Diet.


        The EatFit team pride themselves on being evidenced based and all training courses incorporate current research evidence. EatFit training programmes are delivered by practitioners with expertise in gastrointestinal health and training by King’s College, London (UK Centre for Excellence for the practice of the low FODMAP diet).

        Please note that this course is only for Registered Dietitians.

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