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WELCOME TO COURSES FOR REGISTERED DIETITIANS – Learn IBS Treatment to assist your clients.


COURSE 1: Evidence Based Dietary Management of IBS 


  • Watch this space for courses in 2018


The course will look in depth at the research and guidelines for managing IBS patients with diet and will be interwoven with real life patient case studies to apply your learning. Day 1 provides a comprehensive review of the evidence for first line dietary management and Day 2 will look at the research underpinning the low FODMAP diet (in IBS and other conditions) and interventions beyond diet. This course is a research based course and will look at the evidence on IBS & Diet. Once delegates have completed Course 1 they will be eligible to attend  Course 2.

Day 1 – The diagnosis and first line management of IBS

  • Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Symptom and clinical assessment of IBS
  • Medical management of IBS
  • First line dietary advice of IBS

Day 2 – The Low FODMAP Diet and Beyond

  • Research update on Low FODMAP Diet & IBS
  • Evidence of the risks of the Low FODMAP Diet
  • Research on the Low FODMAP Diet in other populations & conditions
  • The Ethics Debate
  • Beyond Diet – psychosocial interventions


COURSE 2: Running low FODMAP programmes 

This one day course will provide the practical ‘know how’ on the low FODMAP diet and running an IBS patient programme from A-Z, incorporating the low FODMAP diet. The course will provide training on how to run low FODMAP group programmes and detailed guidance on the low FODMAP dietary management process from elimination to rechallenging.

Only dietitians that have attended Course 1 will be able to register for Course 2.


  • Watch this space for courses in 2018



The EatFit team pride themselves on being evidenced based and all training courses incorporate current research evidence. EatFit training programmes are delivered by practitioners with expertise in gastrointestinal health and training by King’s College, London (UK Centre for Excellence for the practice of the low FODMAP diet).

Please note that these courses are only for Registered Dietitians.

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