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IBS Diet

An IBS Diet is really important if you suffer from IBS. Most people believe diet is the main cause for their IBS symptoms. Our dietary programmes (either in individual consultations or delivered in a group setting) have been developed to support you make the right dietary changes for optimum symptom relief.

EatFit for IBS
Using an approach called “Eating For Intestinal Tolerance”, this 4 session programme incorporates the low FODMAP diet. This diet has been proven to be effective in reducing irritable bowel symptoms.

The programme explains the diet, offers advice how to exclude FODMAP foods and also supports patients through the reintroduction stage. The programme includes meal plans, recipes, dietetic support for 16 weeks and up-to-date research based resources.

It is a mix of group sessions and individual consultations to ensure a cost effective solution for patients without compromising on FODMAP education.

EatFit for Digestive Health
A new session group programme that provides all the tools you may need for a healthier and also happier gut with an IBS Diet. Nurturing your gut microbiome is important because research shows that gastrointestinal health is intricately linked with overall health. This programme provides guidance on what to eat but also how to eat better. Topics covered include; balancing your meals, plant power, types of fibre, prebiotics and probiotics.


A few testimonials about the programmes:

“Thank you so much for this and for all your help! You have completely changed my life and I am very grateful for all your help, patience and guidance along the way.”

“Always helpful, always available to listen and give advice. I learnt so much about IBS and the ‘gut’. Thank you very much”

“I have enjoyed the programme despite having found it challenging at first. It was overall very informative. Well researched and I felt the facilitators were attentive, confident, knowledgeable and supportive.”

“Dit was baie leersam and ek voel goed ingelig en reg om die FODMAP diet aan te pak.”

“This programme helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it to people struggling with IBS.“

“It was an excellent course and I will recommend it to anyone who needs it. The dietitians were amazing and I appreciate all the hard work they put in.”

“The combination of individual consultations and group programme works well.”

If you want to get involved in a programme, please contact us so we can help connect you with a dietitian near you.

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